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2015 Full Size Transit Vans/Cutaway

Transit Van RearTransit Cutaway  Transit Van

Available in the summer of 2014 it is the first full rethink of full sized vans since 1975 by Ford. Fun fact is the original 1961 Econoline (Falcon Station Bus) and Transit was originally based off of the a project from Cologne Germany in 1953 and was in fact a Unibody platform and did not go to the full frame set up until 1975. The Econoline in its current iteration has been around since 1992….a whopping 21 years! And while the Econoline has dominated the full size van market since the beginning Ford has recognized that is time to write a new chapter and to once again have history repeat itself.

So here is the European Transit Van once again coming to America and it is a very good thing. So the first thing I hear from customers is it looks like a “Sprinter” and while there is some resemblance the truth is the Sprinter looks like a Transit…… Mercedes actually built theirs like the Transit to compete with Ford of Europe’s hugely successful commercial vehicle. The difference is that Mercedes brought it to America under the Freightliner and Dodge branding. The biggest hurdle to the Sprinter’s success in America is MB brought over with very little modification other than the badging on the hood……. its why they cost so much to purchase and why the life cycle costs are so high.

The new Transit is a unibody vehicle and with metallurgy technology and computer aided design available today the payloads will be comparable to the current line. There is even a dual rear wheel model and a cab and chassis. The biggest benefit will be in the efficiency of the transit in terms of EPA, Cargo, Work and Drivability. The configurations are enormous.

Three roof height options — Low (82.5 inches), Medium (98.0 inches) and High (108.0inches)

Three wheelbase options — Medium (129.9 inch), Long (147.6 inch) and Long-Extended Length (147.6 inch)

Four Van/XL Wagon/XLT Wagon models — Transit 150 (Van/Wagon), Transit 250 (Van/Wagon), Transit 350 (Van/Wagon), Transit 350HD (Van)

Three Cutaway/Chassis Cab models — Transit 250, Transit 350 and Transit 350HD, with three frame lengths — 138.0 inches, 155.7 inches and 178.0 inches

Along with three engine choices-

Standard 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 is the base engine, providing exceptional horsepower and torque, with available CNG/LPG Fuel Engine Prep package

Optional 3.2L Diesel I-5 capable of operating on B20 biodiesel fuel

Available 3.5L EcoBoost V6 achieves the fuel economy of a V6 while delivering more horsepower and torque

Standard 6-speed Automatic Transmission with a low first gear and two overdrive gears.

As I get information I will update.

Wayne Bentley

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